Monday, October 16, 2006


After we lost Samantha we were devistated. Our friend Joan, who was the breeder of Smokie and Samantha, took it upon herself to search for a friend for Smokie and us. Joan found "Roxie" in Fallbrook, she was an abused dog and has some problems with people but she is a sweetheart. Samantha was a Princess, Roxie is a Clown and we love her very much. She loves her toys, especially "Puff Balls".

Sunday, September 3, 2006

One Of The Saddest Days Of Our Lives

SAMANTHA , Princess Samantha that is, at least she thought so and we did too, has passed away. She was taken to be GOD's friend this morning. We are heartbroken to say the least and will be for a long time. For every once of love we gave her she gave a pound in return. My tears will have to speak for me I can not say no more. Good Bye Sweet Princess.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006


I miss those High School days and the times shortly after. Crusing Van De Kamps Drive In looking for a drag race or drinking with the buddies or going out to a movie with the girlfriend. Navy, work and family became the priorities. Now retired I can do some of those things again but they are just not the same. Van De Kamps is long gone, don't race on the street anymore, rather see a DVD then go to movies, I don't drink beer that much anymore.. I guess time has passed me by, Oh Well I HAD FUN !!!